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Author : Woillemont (de) Xavier

Xavier Woillemont (de)

Colonel, officier des Troupes de Marine, est actuellement auditeur à la 57e session du Chem.

Colonel, officer of the Troupes de Marine, currently attending the Center for Higher Military Studies (Chem).

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N° 704 January 2008

Liberalism and military duty - Xavier Woillemont (de)

Liberal thinking seems to have come out on top in the battle of princi­ples and yet it is fundamentally incompatible with the concept of mili­tary duty. How can one defend to the death a society whose aim is one’s own preservation? How can one believe that economic develop­ment will necessarily lead to the end of all conflict? To respond to this liberal paradox, we have to look at conflict in a different light, which can be useful and creative. Above all, we have to create a new basis for military duty by rekindling common values within our liberal societies. Working from a fertile base level of common values is essential to the notion of collective obligation. Rediscovered patriotism and common conviction with regard to national interests will go hand in hand with renewed commitment to these universal values in justifying military duty.

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